• New: Candropharm Products
  • New: Candropharm Products


Welcome to our AsaTop Webshop

As we also want to grow the AsaTop concept internationally, AsaTop-NL BV cooperates with Asatop GmbH Germany in its aim to bring the AsaTop products to the international attention of Pharmacists, Drugstores and Consumers.

If you are interested in a business partnership or if you just want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

AsaTop-NL BV AsaTop Gmbh

Noorderpoort77 Stresemannstrasse 23

5916 PJ Venlo 10963 Berlin

The Netherlands Germany

info@asatop.shop info@asatop-cannabis.com

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* New: Candropharm *

Orders placed in the webshop of www.asatop.shop are carried out by AsaTop GmbH.

We point out the different VAT rates in NL 21% and Germany 19%